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What are Net Notes?

The net notes provided on Channel 4 Learning are online information resources written by teachers for teachers, specifically designed to be used in teaching practices alongside curriculum learning. Some projects have an accompanying television series broadcast on Channel 4’s morning Education schedule, while others live purely online. Teaching resources may include video clips from the television series, background information, activities, project aims and outcomes, and curriculum relevance. The net notes have been mapped against curriculum key stages by qualified teachers.

How do I use the net notes section?

Select an online resource from the menu on the left and browse through the list of related net notes.

What curriculum areas do the online resources cover?

The online teaching resources supplied by Channel 4 Education cover informal learning relating to Citizenship and PSHE curricula, as well as more formal learning around subjects relating to: History, English, and Science.

How will they engage students in these areas?

The resources are designed to deliver valuable educational tools to the student in an innovative format, drawing on resources already used by teens, such as online spaces like Myspace, Facebook and Bebo, to extract valuable learning using familiar environments around core educational themes.