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16 for a Day

KS4, S3/4

This feature-length programme follows eight children, all born on 12 November 1989, as they celebrate their 16th birthdays. It reveals what today's teenagers think about their lives, and their hopes and fears for the future

A–Z of Your Head

KS4. Scottish levels SG / NQs

What's it like to hear voices, make yourself sick 15 times a day, or have electric shock treatment? Young people share their personal experiences of mental health problems and reveal what goes on inside their heads.

Adopt Me – I'm a Teenager

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

An observational film looking at adoption stories in the USA featuring teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 on an epic emotional journey.

AIDS Special

KS3 / 4. Scottish levels E / SG / NQs

Raising awareness of the global AIDS epidemic, how people become infected, ways of preventing infection and the differing experience of HIV and AIDS in Africa and the UK.

All About Us: Beacons

KS2. Scottish levels B / C / D

Five-episode drama focusing on specific issues relating to group of primary school children's relationships with each other and the environment.


14–19 years

A nine-month interactive project for Channel 4 Education focusing on the endeavours of 20 teens as they do their bit to change the world by campaigning for issues they care deeply about. The diverse mix of campaigns range from fighting knife crime on the streets of London, to promoting random acts of kindness.

Batty Man

14-19 years

Comedian and actor Stephen K Amos uses his own experiences as a black gay man to explore why homophobia still exists in his own community.

Being Different

KS2 / 3. Scottish levels D / E

The series looks at the situations of 16 children with the aim to increase awareness, tolerance and understanding of different physical, emotional and social backgrounds.

The Big Squeeze

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

The inside story of how Marmite developed its first new product for over a century, modernising the factory and bringing production into the 21st century.

Bobby Friction: Generation 7/7

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

DJ Bobby Friction finds out what young British Asians really think about race and identity in the post 7/7 world.

Booze: A young person's guide

14-16 years

This 50-minute documentary presents six drinking stories that show the different attitudes that exist towards alcohol among many young British people today.

The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off

KS4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

About Jonny Kennedy, aged 36, who is suffering from the genetic skin blistering condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) from which he knows he will eventually die.

Britain's Deadliest Addictions

14-19 years

This five-part series looks at three people who are addicts, each with a different background and problem, but with one thing in common – they are dependant on drugs or alcohol to get them through every day. It follows them for five days in a treatment centre as they work with experts to tackle their problems.

Chill Out

14-19 years

This two-part series follows two stressed-out teenagers attempting to turn their lives around with the help of Dr Mark Hamilton, whose stress-busting techniques have helped thousands of Britain's troubled teens.

Coming Out to Class

14-19 years

Openly gay British rapper Marcos 'QBoy' Brito investigates the realities of coming out in Britain's schools.

Conspiracy: Who Really Runs the World?

14-19 years

Whenever a major news story breaks, conspiracy theories spring up overnight with a subversive slant on the official facts. Who's behind these theories, and why are some of us so ready to believe in them?

Crip on a Trip

14–19 years

When Dominic Hyams was born with Brittle Bones he was given 48 hours to live. Eighteen years later he plans to go inter-railing with six able-bodied mates for a month. Crip on a Trip is an intimate observation of disabililty and how a group of friends get on caring for their mate – literally washing, carrying him and taking him to the toilet every day, as well as doing all the other things teenagers get up to when they are away from home.

The Cutting Club

14–19 years

The Cutting Club is about young people trying to find support and understanding for an act that is misrepresented in the media and stigmatised in society – and finding it in each other.

The Day I Got the Sack

14–19 years

The stories of five young people who have seen their dream job slip through their fingers. Or so they think. Presenter Shaa Wasmund helps each of the five get back on track through mentoring, personal challenges and work experience.

Don't Make Me Angry

14–19 years

Four teenagers aged 14–19 have decided that having a short fuse is no longer acceptable to them. They want to be free to have fun and to enjoy life and relationships and peace of mind

Drugs: The Lowdown on Getting High

Five people talk openly about the realities of drug taking. The programme includes comment and advice from key experts and offers a frank and informative look at the drugs most commonly taken by young people today: cannabis, cocaine, speed and ecstasy.

Forum: All Together Now

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

A cornerstone resource for KS3 citizenship teaching, with series overview and classroom activities covering fairness, freedom of speech, democracy, economic services and the law.

Forum: Once Upon a Planet

KS3 / 4. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

Get up-to-date with the major environmental issues of our time, including biodiversity, extinction, climate change, pollution, and over-consumption.

Forum: World Debt

KS3 / 4. Scottish levels E / F

A resource for citizenship studies, exploring the causes of world debt, its impact in developing and Western countries, and what is being done about it. Also contains a Did you know? section, Frequently Asked Questions a quiz and activities.

From the Top

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

From the Top and From the Top 2 profile people at the top of their profession and those beginning their life in one career, then suddenly changing direction.

Gay to Z

14–19 years

Gay to Z looks at the lives of a range of young people who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB). Each young person leads a very different life and faces different issues, some of which are related to their sexual orientation and others that are just part of growing up.

Get Me the Producer!


In this six-part series, 12 participants compete to be offered a year's contract to work as a producer for a big independent TV company. Greg Dyke judges how participants tackle the six challenges set, and we see how they relate to each other and what skills are important for leaders. The series raises a number of issues, including the role and responsibility of leaders, the role and responsibility of team members, the concept of loyalty and what happens to people when they are put under extreme pressure.

Guns Are Cool

14–19 years

Guns Are Cool explores the issue that guns are seen as cool, fashionable and desirable by many young people today and until we change that perception, we're not going to solve the problem of rising gun crime.

Hardeep Does ...

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Glaswegian writer and comedian Hardeep Singh Kohli undertakes a wry personal investigation of some of today's big bad issues in a five-part series.

How Sport Shook Up The World

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A series of three documentaries on sportsmen and women who have influenced or become the focus of political events, hightlighting the personalities involved and their impact on the international scene.

How To Dump Your Mates

14–19 years

Expert Psychologist, Geoff Beattie, advises the teenagers on how to proactively tackle the areas of their life they are unsatisfied with and helps them find like-minded friends. In each episode Geoff meets a teen who wants more or something different from life, and takes them on a four-day crash course on how to think the unthinkable.

The Hustlers

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

The Hustlers follows the fortunes of five businesses, all run by young people working in the arts, media and fashion and all driven by passion and a burning desire to succeed.


14–19 years

KNTV Sex is a 10-part animated series offering a uniquely engaging take on sex and relationships education. It features the return of teenage geniuses Kierky and Nietzsche (last seen in KNTV Philosophy) who, with the help of their amazing team of Slabovian experts, go on a journey of sexual discovery.


14–19 years

A rich, multi-layered portrait of teen relationships that peels back the layers to reveal what really makes them work. At the centre of each film is an issue one of the characters needs to resolve, and their friendship group offers different perspectives, support and advice that will help them through it.

Life Stuff: A–Z of Drugs

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A fast-moving, stylish, no-nonsense guide to drugs and drug use in society. Clear facts with strong messages delivered without dogmatism or simplification will empower young people to make informed choices for themselves.

Life Stuff: Consumer Power

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Documentary series examining the human and environmental impact of our choices as consumers, focussing on three consumer products: chocolate, mobile phones and T-shirts.

Life Stuff: Citizen UK

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Three stories of young people who have decided that they want to engage with life in their communities. In driving forward their schemes, the young people come into contact with community action, politics, policing, democracy and finance.

Life Stuff: Dealing with Drugs

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Three films following the everyday lives of people coping with the effects of alcohol and illicit drugs. The series provides a realistic insight into the nature of drug use, the associated risks, and the impact on individuals, families and communities.

Life Stuff: Decisions

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Three powerful, documentary-style dramas, using tough, contemporary music and language, each story centres on a young person facing a huge dilemma that has the potential to change the rest of their lives.

Life Stuff: In Search of the Tartan Turban

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Hardeep Singh Kohli is a Sikh Scottish Londoner writing his first sitcom and he's trying to find out what's funny about today's multicultural UK. The programme highlights social and cultural identity issues faced by young people in Britain today.

Life Stuff: More Than Love

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Three dramas based on workshops with teenagers. Based in a north London college, they tell the stories of sex, love and friendship experiences by three couples over a two-week period. The stories are, in turn, funny, sad, happy, poignant and intense.

Life Stuff: Quit

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Using personal testimonies, students are introduced to the impact of smoking on peoples health and lifestyle as smokers and non-smokers alike discuss how addiction to cigarettes has influenced their lives or those of their families.

Life Stuff: This Teen Life

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Based on the largest survey of teen attitudes ever undertaken in Britain, This Teen Life looks at attitudes to sex and sexuality, alcohol and drugs, parents and divorce, body images and mental health, race, politics and more.

Life Stuff: Without You

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A documentary exploring the experiences of young people whose lives have been affected by bereavement, tracing the individual ways they have come to terms with grief and loss and learned the strength to face the future.

Life Stuff: Working Week

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Six different people between the ages of 22 and 30 let us into their busy lives to get a real flavour of their working weeks. What are the day-to-day demands? How do they manage their money, their social lives, their relationships and the stresses of their jobs?

Life Stuff: World of Difference

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Follow the progress of three groups of young people who each won our World of Difference competition to identify an overseas development project that would benefit from the investment of the 10,000 prize money.

Life Stuff: You Looking at Me

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A contemporary, upbeat and humorous drama about four young people growing up in Belfast facing issues of peer group pressure, cultural difference and local politics as they prepare to enter adulthood.

Live Now, Pay Later

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Live Now, Pay Later explores the rapid rise of debt amongst Britain's youth.

Make Me A Grown Up

KS4. S3-6

Eight young people get practical support with problems that are holding them back.

The Market

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Six months at London's Camden Market and its hundreds of small businesses and business-owners.

Money and Business

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

This site covers a series of programmes focusing on money and business, offering tips on setting up a business and managing money.

Mum's Gone Gay

14-19 years

A fictional drama, inspired by real events. It explores what happens when a parent 'comes out' and looks at the effects on everyone involved in a realistic and sympathetic way.

My Big Gay Prom

14-19 years

Five gay teenagers reflect on their experiences of coming out, whilst tackling the challenge of planning the UK's first-ever gay prom.

My Crazy Life

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

My Crazy Life is a series of single documentaries focusing on exceptional teenagers. All made by new directors these fresh and innovative films give a fascinating perspective on teenage life in Britain today.

My Crazy Media Life

14-19 year olds

My Crazy Media Life is a five-part series focusing on exceptional teenagers. Aimed at 14- to 19-year-olds, the single documentaries were all made by new directors for Channel 4 Education, and their fresh and innovative films give a fascinating perspective on teenage life in Britain today.

A Nation Once Again

KS4 / GCSE. Scottish levels SG / NQs

The fast-changing world of Scottish politics, from the 1999 Scottish Parliament elections to devolution and independence for Scotland. Programmes presented by acclaimed current affairs broadcaster Kirsty Wark.

New Boy

11–16 years

New Boy takes an in-depth look at the growing behaviour traits amongst the UK's young male adolescents by following the lives of four typical teenage boys.

Off Limits: The A to Z of Love and Sex

KS3 / GCSE+. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

Resources based on the fast-moving and frank new sex education series, with detailed programme synopses, activities and background information on the issues covered in the series as well as on the role of the teacher in sex education.

Off Limits: Borrow A Baby

KS4, GCSE+. Scottish Level SG / NQs

Off Limits: Borrow A Baby is a valuable aid for teachers who want to introduce students to the reality of parenthood.

Off Limits: The Concrete Garden

KS3 / 4. Scottish levels E / SG / NQs

Multi-cultural Britain provides the backdrop to this film about 9 year-old Marcia who, having arrived in London from the Caribbean, faces up to life with a new family and an unfamiliar culture.

Off Limits: Embarrassing Illnesses

KS4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A powerful and informative series designed to bring out into the open medical conditions that some people see as embarrassing.

Off Limits: Get Working

KS4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

There are 700,000 13-16 year-olds employed in Britain. Eighty-five per cent are working illegally. Hear the stories of a variety of young people who combine school life with the demands of a job and get information on employment rights.

Off Limits: Growing up Gay

KS4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG, NQs

This free online resource contains information about this complex issue as well as further reading and suggestions on how the programmes can be used in the classroom.

Off Limits: Growing Up Gay

KS4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG, NQs

Programme notes complete with detailed programme outlines, curriculum relevance information, suggestions for classroom use and background information to support the two programmes.

Off Limits: Human Rights

KS3 / GCSE+. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

Jill Morrell, founder of 'Friends of John McCarthy', investigates human rights cases from around the world. As well as the full text of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, now included online are key articles from the 1998 Human Rights act.

Off Limits: In My Experience

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

A frank, unpatronising approach to sex education based on video diaries made by young people themselves in which they explore issues of friendship, dating and peer-group pressures.

Off Limits: A Life of Ecstasy?

KS3, GCSE+. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

Presents the facts and the risks associated with the drug ecstasy, based on the tragic story of seventeen year-old Daniel Ashton who died as a result of taking ecstasy eight months after writing and performing his own play about the dangers of drugs.

Off Limits: Looking After the Penneys

KS3 / GCSE+. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

Programme outlines and classroom activities for personal finance education and capability, complementing citizenship study of social and economic systems that influence our lives and communities, with links to ICT and maths.

Off Limits: Losing It

KS4. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Extensive information and resources for anyone interested in finding out more about mental health issues. Includes additional resources to support the programme in schools and colleges (4Learning Xtra).

Off Limits: Love Talk

KS3 / GCSE+. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

A panel of girls reflect on different attitudes and misconceptions about love, sex and relationships. Gaby Roslin leads the discussion.

Off Limits: Parenting Stories

KS4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A valuable aid for teachers who want to introduce students to the reality of parenthood, looking at the fortunes of new mums and dads, the emotions and challenges involved and the skills needed to become effective and happy parents.

Off Limits: School Stories

KS3 / GCSE+. Scottish levels E / F / SG / NQs

In 'The Big Production', follow a group of A level Theatre Arts students as they stage a school production. 'Refugee Voices' talks to a group of young refugees about their experiences, particularly in British schools.

Off Limits: Strong Language

KS4. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A powerful television drama based on the experiences of a young, deaf teenager Zoe who is struggling to establish her identity and independence. Winner of the Japan Prize, 1999.

Off Limits: Talking About Justice

KS4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Young people and the law, exploring aspects of the legal relationship we all have with each other in the workplace, within families, between neighbours and with the police, highlighting both the rights and responsibilities which define us as citizens.

Off Limits: Talking About Race

KS4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A group of young people from all over Europe discuss issues of race, culture and identity and plot a course for the future of multi-ethnic Britain.

Off Limits: Talking About Violence

KS4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

The causes of violent behaviour and the effects of on-screen violence are discussed by a group of young people with prisoners serving sentences for violent crimes.

Off Limits: Tell Me About It!

KS3. Scottish level E

Meet and hear the views of a group of young people as they discuss the issues that are crucial to their lives, from drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders and parental divorce, to fashion slavery and teenage crushes.

Off Limits: Winning the Mind Game

KS4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Challenging the stigma of owning up to mental health problems, this programme profiles four young people who have suffered and conquered mental illness.

Parents and Teens: Welcome to My World

14–19 years

Ten-part series in which families with teenagers who aren't getting on with their parents are filmed for a week. At the end of the week, parents and teens watch the films and gain a real insight into each other's lives and feelings.

Rude Britannia

14–19 years

Five programmes, which aim to help young people think about the importance of image, and antisocial behaviour.


KS4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A re-edited version of the episodic drama on Vee TV, the deaf magazine programme.

Siamese Survivors

14–19 years

Taking us into the world of 16-year-old twins Hassan and Hussein Salee, we explore, from a first-hand perspective, the emotional and physical challenges posed by the issue and wider concerns addressed by society at large.

School of Hard Knocks

KS 4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG, NQs

School of Hard Knocks follows three boys' training at Repton Boys' Club boxing gym.

School Ties

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

A comedy-drama set in Northern Ireland about the antagonism between Protestant and Catholic school groups who have been brought together for a cross-community Education for Mutual Understanding scheme.

The Search For Cool

14–19 years

Advertising man, Martin Cole, journeys across Britain in search of the meaning of 'cool'. On his quest Martin looks at the role fashion plays in dictating 'cool' and examines the financial gains to be made from understanding what's cool.

Sex, Lies and Soaps

KS 3 and 4, GCSE+. Scottish levels TBC

Examines the key areas of teenage life that feature regularly in soap storylines, explores how they reflect reality, and investigates to what extent teenagers imitate what they see on the screen.

Sticks and Stones

KS 4, GCSE+. Scottish levels SG, NQs

Programme notes that explore whether it is ever okay to use the N-word.

Sweet Sixteen

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG, NQs

Sweet Sixteen follows the lives of seven 16 year olds from Castleford as they face the daunting prospect of life after school.

Take Away My Takeaway

KS 4, Scottish NQs

In this 10-part series, teenage takeaway aficionados are whisked away to the country of origin of their favourite dish, and put under the wing of a mentor for a crash course on how to prepare the authentic version of their best-loved dinner. It's an experience they'll never forget, and most of them go home buzzing with new ideas – and not just about food.

Teens on Trial

14–19 years

Teens on Trial imports an American concept that tackles minor youth crime via the proven method of peer pressure. The system allows teenagers to run a courtroom themselves and try their wayward peers.

Teen Tycoons

14-19 years. S3-6

Three 19-year-old entrepreneurs help six ailing businesses to recognise their flaws and become more successful.

Teen Taboos

16–19 years

In this groundbreaking five-part series, we uncover the forbidden territories of sex and give the lowdown on facts usually shrouded beneath layers of bravado, misinformation and myth. Young people aged 16-18 talk frankly and openly about their experiences of masturbation, sexually transmitted infections, using condoms, choosing abstinence and wondering how they 'measure up' to their friends.

Teen Trouble

14–19 years

This one-off programme explores the truth about teenage misbehaviour and reveals the underlying causes, as well as raising awareness of the way in which exaggerated media coverage of teenage crime heightens public fears.

That's My Life

KS2 / 3. Scottish levels B / C / D / E

A resource based on five films featuring disabled people talking about their lives and relationships. Ideas for discussion and action will break down those barriers.

The Thin Club

14–19 years

The Thin Club follows three girls through their relationships with pro-anorexia websites.

Think Business

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

These programme notes support the 'Think Business' television series, which includes a number of short case studies describing the activities of a range of real-life Scottish businesses.

The Time of my Life

KS2 / 3. Scottish levels C–F

Young children interview older people about the most significant experiences and events in their lives, including East London in the early 1900s, 1930s Ireland and Liverpool in the 1960s.

Tricky Business

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Tricky Business follows the successes and failures of five ambitious young entrepreneurs as they seek to make their professional mark and become household names.

Tricky Business 2

14-19 years. S3-6

In the second series of Tricky Business a multi-millionaire business man mentors young entrepreneurs, giving them tough advice on how to sort out their tricky business problems.

Trouble Online

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Trouble Online is a five-part series, which follows the fortunes of young people who are making money from their own internet businesses.

The X File

KS2. Scottish level C / D

The X File reveals the power of the vote. The ideas and activities suggested within these programme notes will help to raise pupils' awareness of a range of issues such as democracy, local government, the role of MPs, the European Union and much more.

The Underdogs

14–19 years

We follow six teenagers, each with their own behavioural problems, for a month as they attempt to train six rescued dogs in time to be shown at Crufts – the world's greatest dog show.

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

16–19 years

In this 10-part series, young people work with life coach David McQueen and careers specialist Ann Duffy to understand their options and, more importantly, to explore their own skills, abilities and preferences.


KS3 and 4

A four-part series that looks at the impacts of drug use on individuals, families and society. Each details the stories of young people who are either currently dependent on drugs or who have a history of drug taking. The series begins with cocaine addiction then moves through the use of heroin and cannabis, before finishing with a look at the lives of children who have drug-using parents.

Year Dot

14–19 years

Year Dot is a year-long interactive education project following a group of 15 young people, aged 16-20. As well as on TV, the lives of the participants are recorded online, via blogs and video diaries, and viewers are encouraged to offer help and support to the group as they try to achieve their goals for the year. The project aims to test how far social networking can help achieve ambitions.

Young Black Farmers

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Can the countryside offer a way out of dead-end urban life for nine inner-city school leavers from ethnic minorities?