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Darren Gough's Cricket Academy: The Colts

KS2. Scottish levels B / C / D

New series in which Darren Gough, England's top fast bowler, introduces primary schoolchildren to the joys of cricket by teaching them basic skills.

Darren Gough's Cricket Academy: The Seniors

KS3 / 4. Scottish levels E–NQs

Darren Gough is joined by other top players as he teaches the essentials of the game of cricket.

How Sport Shook Up The World

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A series of three documentaries on sportsmen and women who have influenced or become the focus of political events, hightlighting the personalities involved and their impact on the international scene.

Middle English: Writing for Kicks

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

A resource which will appeal to both girls and boys, which aims to give literacy an extra appeal through the context of football, focussing on match reports, the Barnsley FC in-house poet and football fictions.

Peak Performance 1

KS3. Scottish levels E / SG

How can diet improve performance in sport? How important is fitness and training? What steps can be taken to reduce the risk of sports injuries? Jeremy Guscott and Sally Gunnell present this PE series for all ability levels.

Peak Performance 2

KS3. Scottish levels E / SG

Free online programme notes to accompany each of the three Peak Performance 2 programmes.