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Media Studies
Resources to support and enhance TV programmes for the classroom

Advertising Uncut

14–19 years

This series of five programmes focuses mainly on TV advertising. We are taken through the different stages involved in making an advert, and we also find out about new forms of advertising.


14–19 years

A nine-month interactive project for Channel 4 Education focusing on the endeavours of 20 teens as they do their bit to change the world by campaigning for issues they care deeply about. The diverse mix of campaigns range from fighting knife crime on the streets of London, to promoting random acts of kindness.

Get Me the Producer!


In this six-part series, 12 participants compete to be offered a year's contract to work as a producer for a big independent TV company. Greg Dyke judges how participants tackle the six challenges set, and we see how they relate to each other and what skills are important for leaders. The series raises a number of issues, including the role and responsibility of leaders, the role and responsibility of team members, the concept of loyalty and what happens to people when they are put under extreme pressure.

My Crazy Life

GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

My Crazy Life is a series of single documentaries focusing on exceptional teenagers. All made by new directors these fresh and innovative films give a fascinating perspective on teenage life in Britain today.

Sex, Lies and Soaps

KS 3 and 4, GCSE+. Scottish levels TBC

Examines the key areas of teenage life that feature regularly in soap storylines, explores how they reflect reality, and investigates to what extent teenagers imitate what they see on the screen.

TV Is Dead?

14–19 years

This five-part series explores the challenges the television industry is currently facing as a result of the digital revolution.

What's This Channel 4?

KS4 / GCSE+. Scottish Level SG / NQs

Programme notes to support the television series which guides viewers through a 'typical day' at Channel 4, exploring the way in which the media institution works and makes programmes.

Why is there so much rubbish on telly?

KS4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG, NQs

Programme notes that provide lively, informed and accessible answers to everyday questions about television.

Year Dot

14–19 years

Year Dot is a year-long interactive education project following a group of 15 young people, aged 16-20. As well as on TV, the lives of the participants are recorded online, via blogs and video diaries, and viewers are encouraged to offer help and support to the group as they try to achieve their goals for the year. The project aims to test how far social networking can help achieve ambitions.