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Natural Hazards

KS3 / 4 / GCSE. Scottish levels E, F, SG, NQs

These programme notes examine the causes and effect of four natural hazards; earthquakes, volacanoes, avalanches and hurricanes.

Geographical Eye: Disasters

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

The impact of natural and man-made environmental disasters around the world, including drought in the Sahara Desert, earthquakes in California, landslides in the gold mines of Bolivia and nuclear pollution in Russia.

Geographical Eye Special: Planet Earth

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

In Tectonic Processes read about the volcanic island of Surtsey near Iceland, which appeared almost overnight in an eruption along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Also featured are Weather and Climate and Water on the Land.

Geographical Eye Over Asia

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

A close look at the real issues affecting development in the Asia region, including industrialisation in India, environmental hazards in Bangladesh, farming in Kerala and urban growth in Jakarta.

Geographical Eye Over Britain 1

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

The inter-relation of human and physical geographies, including coastal erosion in Holderness, the changing city of London, and village life from 1800 to the present.

Geographical Eye Over Britain 2

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

Geography combines here with strong human interest stories of coal mining in South Wales, the working life of a typical fisherman, and water use and supply.

Geographical Eye Over Britain 3

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

Sustainable energy in Scotland, the future for upland farmers in Wales and the unique limestone landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales.

Geographical Eye Over Europe

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

Examines a wide variety of geographical trends in Europe today, including 'emigration culture' in Portugal, the rebuilding of Berlin, the economy in Romania, 'progress' in the New Germany, and structural change in Bilbao.

Geographical Eye: River Floods

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

In February 1995 the Rhine and its tributaries burst their banks and caused large-scale flooding in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany. How did these floods happen, what was the impact of human activity and can the risk of flooding be minimised?

Geographical Eye: Weather and Climate

KS3. Scottish levels E / F

The key physical processes affecting weather and climate from Europe to the tropics.

Place and People: Amazonia

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

A realistic look at sustainable development in the Amazonian rainforest, balancing the demands of a global economy with the impact on the ecology of the forest and the ways of life of its indigenous population.

Place and People: Antarctica on the Edge

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

The impact of global warming on the ecology and structure of Antarctica, where disappearing glaciers and collapsing ice shelves present dramatic new evidence of global climate change.

Place and People: Asia Pacific

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

The successes and the problems of the Asia Tiger phenomenon, where enormous growth in the Pacific Rim economies is transforming existing ways of life, from hi-tech industry in Singapore and tourism in Vietnam to the gridlocked streets of Bangkok.

Place and People: Changing China

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

China combines both changeless tradition and continual modernization, and exemplifies many of the issues faced by the developed and developing world, from farming and infrastructure to deforestation and urban regeneration.

Place and People Special: Coast to Coast

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Nearly two-thirds of the world's population lives within 70km of the coast, many in major cities. From trade and travel to fishing and fossil fuels, discover the importance of coastal geography in the evolution of modern industrial and urban economies.

Place and People: Landforms

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

An original approach to popular physical geography, based on state of the art aerial photography, highlighting the influence of physical landscape on human activity, featuring rivers, ice, coasts, and rock formations.

Place and People: On the Map

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Interpreting atlases and globes, maps and plans, and using secondary sources such as photographic and satellite images and ICT evidence and understanding their importance in everyday life as well as geographical studies.

Place and People: Italy

KS 4 / GCSE+. Scottish levels SG / NQs

Five case studies on recent geo-political trends in Italy, including the economy of the south, the 'third' Italy, winter resorts in the Alps, farming in Sicily and the major industrial city of Genoa.