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Channel 4 Learning, now part of Discovery Education, began life in 1993 when the Channel 4 Schools television service first began broadcasting. In the subsequent 14 years much has changed in the formal education market, but what has remained a constant is Channel 4 Learning's commitment to providing innovative, curriculum?focussed products and services to motivate and inspire teachers and learners.

More than 400 hours of programming broadcast on Channel 4 each year are enhanced by Channel 4 Learning's range of interactive resources on CD-Rom, DVD, online and other digital platforms.

Channel 4 Learning International

Channel 4 Learning's content is currently distributed worldwide on multiple platforms - broadcast, video, DVD, CD-ROM, online, broadband and other digital platforms - into both formal educational institutions and the home market. Channel 4 Learning's international sales team license and distribute this content through broadcasters, publishers, distributors, agents and Ministries of Education. The team attend all major educational and television trade shows as well as making specific territory visits each year. For further information, or if you wish to become a licensee or distributor of Channel 4 learning's content, please visit our dedicated international website at

Channel 4 Learning is dedicated to:

  • Empowering learners aged 4 - 19 through useful, innovative and stimulating multimedia resources
  • Being a leading producer and worldwide distributor of educational multi-media content to audiences who want to explore and extend their own boundaries
  • Fulfilling Channel 4 Television's educational public service remit through the provision of a teaching context for programmes.

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